Johnna Adams Erica Bennett Bob Bevacqua Colleen Bevacqua Eleanor Brook John Byrd Kevin Christensen Karen Fix Curry Eric Eberwein Buddy Farmer John Franceschini Lorin Howard Karen Howes Arthur Kraft John Lane Jeffrey Lo Hannah C. Langley Lynn Wells Nelson Tira Palmquist Nicholas Pilapil Andrea Sloan Pink Joni Ravenna Robert Riemer George Rothman Sara Saene Dorothy Weston Stauch Nicholas Thurkettle Pattric Walker Luke Yankee Jordan R. Young

Committed to free expression and risk-taking, Orange County Playwrights Alliance (OCPA) celebrates, promotes and supports the diversity of playwrights with Orange County in common and provides innovative and educative theatrical experiences for the community at large.

OCPA Presents...Triumph and Tragedy a play by Arthur Kraft Directed by Philip Brickey Saturday, December 1 | 2:30pm Grand Central Theatre @ Grand Central Arts Center 125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana Suggested donation: $10 Reservations: 714-902-5716 Some Presidents are reviled, some are hailed, and some are reevaluated with time. Ulysses S. Grant, long considered a dismal commander-in-chief, is now being reconsidered by historians and biographers. (There's even a Steven Spielberg-directed biopic about him in the works.) Was Grant a binge-drinking pushover, ill-suited for the highest office in the land? Or did he possess unusual foresight for his time? Arthur Kraft's Triumph and Tragedy, directed by Philip Brickey, presents President Grant telling his story to you. This staged reading marks the Orange County Playwrights Alliance's first event at the Grand Central Arts Center Theater, the home of The Wayward Artist.

Erica Bennett's short film Bloodletting & Poe was an Official Selection of the IFS Film Festival. John Franceschini’s drama Trapped in Limbo was a finalist for Eden Prairie Players' 2018 Collection of One-Acts. Tira Palmquist's Overburden received a staged reading in the Blank Theatre's Living Room Series. The U.S. edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer chats with Nicholas Pilapil about his play Young Dumb Broke High School Kids. Nicholas Thurkettle's The Rothko will soon be published by Heartland Plays.

Staged readings, Nov. 4 @ Modjeska Playhouse... The Edge of Wilderness by Andrea Sloan Pink The Countess Tolstoy by Arthur Kraft Goodbye, Mother by John Franceschini The Death of Halpin Frayser by Nicholas Thurkettle . One Cheap Night in Budapest by Eric Eberwein The Promise by Arthur Kraft In Search of Memory by John Franceschini.