Tomorrow’s produced plays start with today’s table reads & staged readings.


For over twenty years, the Orange County Playwrights Alliance (OCPA) has provided writers the opportunity to explore their creativity in an intellectually safe environment by providing table readings and public presentations of members’ work. OCPA additionally interacts with the theatre community to provide actors, directors, and audiences with entertaining and thought provoking theatrical work. Member playwrights have gone on to have their work nationally produced and published. Many works have been used as social tools to educate or enlighten the surrounding community.


Committed to free expression and risk-taking, Orange County Playwrights Alliance (OCPA) celebrates, promotes and supports the diversity of playwrights with Orange County in common and provides innovative and educative theatrical experiences for the community at large.

OCPA will accomplish its mission by:

  • Providing playwrights with supportive and constructive critiques of plays in various stages of development following table readings.
  • Encouraging audience talk-backs through a series of development workshops.
  • Producing staged readings in an eclectic array of local theatrical environments.
  • Strengthening relationships with the theatre community by providing actors and directors with performance opportunities and by introducing audiences to a variety of theatre venues.
  • Increasing OCPA members’ engagement through playwright mixers and other partnerships.
  • Providing members with play submission opportunities.
  • Seeking out funding resources for increased presentational and educational opportunities.



  • Theatre should be accessible to everyone.
  • Creativity fuels life and enriches a community.
  • Appreciation of theatre is nurtured by exposure and education.
  • Theatre can be one of the social drivers of a community.
  • Theatre can contribute to community image and civic pride.
  • Creative expression takes diverse forms.
    • We are inclusive and open, and embrace diverse ideas, art forms and communities.
    • We champion the artists in our alliance.
    • We are committed to working with others to bring together artists, patrons and communities. Partnerships lead to great accomplishments.
    • We encourage freedom of expression, innovation and imagination.
    • We pride ourselves on operating our organization with the highest level of excellence, integrity and responsiveness.