Arthur Kraft is a longtime member of OCPA and the author of numerous full-length comedies and dramas which have been produced and staged in many different theatres.

Full-length dramas

Goat | Produced at Elite Theatre, Oxnard, CA

A fictional psychologist struggles to prevent Virginia Woolf from committing suicide. 1m/1w, 2 sets.

Newspaper on Trial | Produced as Philadelphia Lawyer at STAGEStheatre, Fullerton, CA; Nominated for BackStage West Garland Award for Excellence in Playwriting.

The trial of John Peter Zenger in New York in 1735 sets the stage for freedom of the press when the Colonies become the United States. 9m (8m with doubling)/2w, unit set.


A one-man show about Ulysses Grant from his military victories to his failed presidency to his fight to stave off cancer until he can get his family out of debt. 1m, no set.


The Pullman Railroad strike of 1894 causes turmoil for Pullman; Debs, the strike leader; and two brothers–one strikes, the other doesn’t. In the mayhem there are no winners. 29m/6w, 12m/3w with doubling, unit set.

The Lady Negotiator 

A woman hostage-negotiator overrides the directives of a vindictive police sergeant to save the life of a hostage-taker along with his hostages. 5m/3w, 1 set.

Socrates Lite

The trial of Socrates with a dose of humor. 4m/1w, 1 set.


The Atheist | Staged readings at Theatre 68 and FirstStage, Los Angeles

A woman atheist becomes president of the United States determined to ensure separation of church and state. Serious political drama and farce. 4m/5w, 2m/4w with doubling, unit set.


The Switch | Produced at Next Stage, Los Angeles & The Second Stage, Anaheim; school performances in Los Alamitos, CA and Cambridge, Idaho.

A high school psychologist and a music teacher trade places–with chaotic results. 12m/11w, 7 m/4w with doubling, unit set. To produce, contact Brooklyn Publishing via web or 888-473-8521.

Everything’s Jake

A meek accountant survives a car accident with a new personality that flabbergasts his wife and boss. 8m/7w, 3m/4w with doubling, unit set.

Out of Your Mind | Staged readings, Long Beach Playhouse, Long Beach, CA and Theatre 68, Los Angeles, CA; prize winner, Las Vegas Little Theatre New Works Competition

After botched brain surgery, a middle-aged fireman returns home in the body of a petite, Italian saleslady, while the saleslady tries to sell lingerie looking like a husky man. 7m/5w, 4m/3w with doubling, unit set.

Contact: ahkraft-at-roadrunner-dot-com


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