OCPA Presents…Triumph and Tragedy
a play by Arthur Kraft
Directed by Philip Brickey

Saturday, December 1 | 2:30pm
Grand Central Theatre @ Grand Central Arts Center
125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana
Suggested donation: $10
Reservations: 714-902-5716

Some Presidents are reviled, some are hailed, and some are reevaluated with time. Ulysses S. Grant, long considered a dismal commander-in-chief, is now being reconsidered by historians and biographers. (There’s even a Steven Spielberg-directed biopic about him in the works.) Was Grant a binge-drinking pushover, ill-suited for the highest office in the land? Or did he possess unusual foresight for his time? Arthur Kraft’s Triumph and Tragedy, directed by Philip Brickey, presents President Grant telling his story to you. This staged reading marks the Orange County Playwrights Alliance’s first event at the Grand Central Arts Center Theater, the home of The Wayward Artist.

For over twenty years, the Orange County Playwrights Alliance (OCPA) has provided writers the opportunity to explore their creativity in an intellectually safe environment by providing table readings and public presentations of members’ work. OCPA additionally order homework help interacts with the theatre community to provide actors, directors, and audiences with entertaining and thought provoking theatrical work. Member playwrights have gone on to have their work nationally produced and published. Many works have been used as social tools to educate or enlighten the surrounding community. http://www.ocplaywrights.org/

Image: Public Doman