OCPA Discoveries @ STAGEStheatre
Saturday, June 9, 3:30pm

400 E Commonwealth Ave #4, Fullerton, CA 92832

Suggested donation: $10 | 714.902.5716 reservations

The Orange County Playwrights Alliance (OCPA) presents its summer 2018 event: staged readings of two one-act plays, and a trio of short comedies,

Tucked Away
Written by Joni Ravenna | Directed by Dalia Anderton
Enslaved on the top floor of an abandoned building without blankets or running water, four women who’ve been forced into the sex trade industry find a way to finally break free.

All That and a Bag of Chips
Written by Eric Eberwein | Directed by Eric Modyman
In a town without much opportunity, Wayne delivers snack chips to the local prison, where his friend Marie once did some time. When poor and impulsive choices lead Wayne and Marie to an arrest and 15 minutes of fame, they risk becoming enemies. Can they overcome differences and become friends again?

Sex Times Three
Written by Arthur Kraft | Directed by Philip Brickey
A trio of short comedies. In The Mating Call, a woman is determined to get pregnant–by her brother-in-law. In Cell Phone Interruptus, would-be sexual activity is interrupted by a cell phone. In The Traffic Ticket, a policeman issues a traffic ticket to his wife; he’s not out of his mind, but he has something on his mind. Featuring Carolyn Feres and Jeremy Krasovic.

For over twenty years, the Orange County Playwrights Alliance (OCPA) has provided writers the opportunity to explore their creativity in an intellectually safe environment by providing table readings and public presentations of members’ work. OCPA additionally order homework help interacts with the theatre community to provide actors, directors, and audiences with entertaining and thought provoking theatrical work. Member playwrights have gone on to have their work nationally produced and published. Many works have been used as social tools to educate or enlighten the surrounding community. http://www.ocplaywrights.org/

STAGEStheatre is an entity that is consistently evolving to provide actors, directors, writers, designers, and artists with a creative environment that offers an eclectic and challenging variety of theatrical opportunities at all “stages” of the process. STAGEStheatre presents every form of theatrical literature, from the classics to world premieres. STAGEStheatre endeavors to merge each literary work with the highest production values and the most passionate performances possible.

As a non-profit organization, STAGEStheatre strives to promote appreciation for the theatrical arts by reaching out to our community and by working with local schools and organizations to provide unique educational opportunities and internships for student artists and technicians. STAGEStheatre’s stage is always open for members of the community to become actively involved in theatre. http://stagesoc.org/

Photograph by lauraschmidtphotography.com