Discoveries: Five Plays in May
Saturday, May 4 | 2:30pm
Grand Central Theatre @ Grand Central Art Center
125 N. Broadway, Santa Ana
Suggested donation: $10
Reservations: 714-902-5716
Parking Info: grandcentralartcenter.com/visit-4/

The Orange County Playwrights Alliance heads to Santa Ana’s Grand Central Theatre – home of The Wayward Artist – for its May 4 program of staged readings of five new one-act plays:

Asylum by Joni Ravenna – Law student Juliet brings her South Asian med student boyfriend Amila home to Palm Springs to meet her parents, who have an easier time suppressing a family secret than their bigotry. Directed by Eric Modyman.

Monumental by Jordan R. Young – Two noted architects talk food, freedom, and the future while taking a break from working on a new building that will be a monument to democracy in a newly liberated nation. Directed by Jordan R. Young. Featuring Paul Burt and John-Frederick Jones.

Phubbing by Craig Holland – What happens when a young couple meets for a breakfast date and one doesn’t bring a smartphone?

The Pellagra War by Arthur Kraft – Between 1865 and 1915, a mysterious sickness called pellagra killed more than 100,000 Americans, mostly in the South. This is the story of how one doctor fought ignorance to discover the shockingly simple cure. Directed by Philip Brickey.

The Second Date by John Lane – The first blind date between Brett and Audrey went okay, but what about the second one? Directed by Geoff Gread. Featuring Lisa Renee and David Rusiecki.

For over 20 years, the Orange County Playwrights Alliance (OCPA) has provided writers the opportunity to explore their creativity in an intellectually safe environment by providing table readings and public presentations of members’ work. OCPA additionally interacts with the theatre community to provide actors, directors, and audiences with entertaining and thought-provoking theatrical work. Member playwrights have gone on to have their work nationally produced and published. Some works have been used as social tools to educate or enlighten the surrounding community.

The Wayward Artist is a nonprofit theatre company located in Santa Ana that tells stories using theatre, dance, music and the visual arts. It seeks to provide a home for the wayward artist–the lost, the naked, the vulnerable; to produce wayward work of the highest quality–works forgotten, works reinvented, works unknown; and, to transform a wayward community–its arrogance, its ignorance, its complacency.